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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

A: You always have control of your billing information. We can provide you monthly reports of all the billing information to-date. Your data belongs to you at all times.

A: All information provided to Tech-Med Billing Service is handled with the strictest confidentiality code of conduct.

A: Almost all claims are filed electronically. Paper claims are submitted to smaller carriers who either do not accept electronic claims or require non-electronic attachment. Tech-Med Billing Service identifies which carriers require paper submission and avoid improper claims processing.

A: Upon receipt of the EOB we will follow up on any denied or rejected claims. In addition, if we have not received an EOB within 30 days, we will initiate a follow-up with the insurance company. Any claims that require an appeal will be sent on paper along with a letter of appeal and any required documentation. We work on each claim until it has been paid or a reasonable response for nonpayment has been given. If an appeal needs to be filed, Tech-Med Billing Service will file the appeal.

A: The choice is up to the physician and depends upon the volume of claims that the office generates. Tech-Med Billing Service can establish a pick-up schedule, or the information can either be emailed or sent as FTP file to Tech-Med Billing Service's office. All claims are processed within two business day of receipt. If the need should arise for additional information for a claim to be processed, Tech-Med Billing Service will contact your staff.

A: Payments are sent directly to your office. Your money will not be handled by us. We will post payments and follow up on claims once your office sends us copies of the EOB’s.

A: Absolutely not. In fact, you don’t need billing software. If you would like to access your account, all you need is a computer and Internet access with an additional cost for setup. You can securely dial in to our computer system and view your account real-time. The great thing about outsourcing is you eliminate the need for an in–house complete and expensive information technology solution.

A: No. Tech-Med Billing Service is responsible for the necessary hardware and software to get the job done. Your office can continue to operate much as it did before, except without the hassle of claims and billing.

A: Absolutely. Tech-Med Billing Service provides a number of financial reports.

A: Absolutely. Tech-Med Billing Service can provide you a super bill customized for your office and your assistant can print when a patient comes into the office, the super bill will contain the necessary CPT and ICD-9 codes and in addition other fields such as patient insurance information, etc., with an additional fee.

A: Our staff is capable of handling large and small practices. No matter the size of the practice we will provide you with accuracy and personal attention.

A: We send out patient statements every month with our contact information if they have any questions or concerns about the bill.

A: Tech-Med Billing Service has a state-of-the-art network in our operations center that backs up all client data several times per day. Rest assured that patient information is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality. Tech-Med’s billing service has advanced security measures in place to ensure the privacy of patient information.

A: Through Virtual Private Network (VPN), healthcare providers can view patient files. [An additional service]

A: Tech-Med Billing Service’s fees for medical billing services are based on a percentage of the gross amount collected for medical services. Fees are dependent upon the practice's volume of claims and any additional services that are contracted. Tech-Med Billing Service’s success is dependent upon the success of its clients so Tech-Med Billing Service strives to leave no claim unpaid, thus ensuring a flourishing cash flow for all involved.

A: Normally the provider receives payment directly from the insurance companies. In order to apply proper credit and adjustments, Tech-Med Billing Service requires a copy of the EOB. If there is a secondary coverage, Tech-Med Billing Service bills upon the receipt of the EOB from the provider’s office.

A: Normally, patient billing is triggered automatically when the EOB is received from the insurance company, assuming there is a balance due. If the claim is subject to contractual limits, Tech-Med Billing Service will credit the patient's account accordingly and bill for the balance. If a co-payment is made at the time of service, Tech-Med Billing Service will need to be notified in order to credit the account properly. Tech-Med Billing Service then follows up on outstanding patient accounts at 30, 60, and 90 days in accordance with standard practice.

A: No. Tech-Med Billing Service will file the claims and post EOB's and payments as needed, but do not handle checks directly. Most carriers can deposit directly to the physician's account when the claim is submitted electronically, or send payment to the physician's office. Tech-Med Billing Service will provide monthly statements detailing the amounts received from both insurance and patients, along with the fee for services rendered by Tech-Med Billing Service.

A: Payment will be received, on average, between 14-30 working days.

A: Within 24 to 48 hours of receipt. Usually, sooner.

Our success depends on yours.
We’re results-driven. That means our fee is based on gross collections, not the time, effort or energy we invest in your account. Our expert billing staff focuses exclusively on claims reimbursements. So you’ll enjoy the lowest possible receivables days.

Tech-Med Billing Service’s services enable clients to focus their efforts on patient care, not costly back-office infrastructures. Contact Tech-Med Billing Service to optimize your reimbursements immediately.